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Hole 8 from the 150 yard marker.JPG

Hole 1 from the white tee.JPG

Haunted Lakes Golf Club




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The first hole plays 375 yards par 4 from the whites and parallels the shores of Haunted Lake. The water hazard between the right side of the fairway and the lake ends at 211 yards from the whites and 225 from the blues. The area left of the cart trail along the left side of the fairway is often wet due to natural springs. It is played as casual water which often requires relief inside the trail railing. A second lateral water hazard lurks on the left half of the fairway over the ridge 280 yards from the whites and you would need more than a 300 yarder to clear it. The 32 yard long green is nestled in with natural bush long and left.



The first hole from the whites.


 First hole from the blues

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